Newfound Courage

Newfound Courage is a narrative-focused action-adventure game about a gay hero who falls in love with his best friend while the world unravels around them.

Alex's story starts in the strange cliffside town of Silverpine that is home to The Vault, a mysterious institute containing the knowledge of a long-dead civilisation. Alex must explore The Vault's many mysteries and help the colourful townsfolk he meets along the way, while learning to understand and accept his feelings for another young man named Jake.

“I laughed, I smiled, and I almost cried while playing. I'll remember this game for a while.” - Geek Dad

For fans of games like To the Moon or stories like Heartstopper or Call Me by Your Name.

Out now on XboxSteamHumble and

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Listen to the sounds of Silverpine, composed by Jessica Kelly. The original soundtrack of Newfound Courage are now available on streaming platforms, Steam, and BandCamp.