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Alex, the Mechamancer! Combat demo

Check out the first look at the Combat demo for Newfound Courage! There is a lot going on here, so I want to use this blog to talk about Alex's raw abilities. He can melee attack, range attack, defend, blink and heal. Each attack has a chance to crit and currently, crits do double damage, which might be a bit overpowered. You, as a player, will be able to customize each of these attacks as you see fit. In the video we primarily see the melee attack, Alex creates a sword out of raw energy and swings it down on his enemies. He has a three attack sequence, a broad swing, a shoulder swing, and then a thrust. The other thing we see a lot of is Alex's blink. It's pretty straightforward, Alex attempts to blink a certain distance, if he can blink there he does, if he can't blink at the max range, it shortens until he can, up until a point, where the blink fails. To blink, Alex folds reality and steps through.

We also see a ranged attack. This is a burst of energy Alex is able to shoot from his palm.

And finally, one thing we don't see in the video is defending. Alex can create a shield of energy and is able to block everything. This is implemented but didn't make it into the video, this time. I'm really looking forward to revealing the various customisation options with you.


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