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Welcome: website launch, Extinction Club and more...

Another busy week has past at Cafe Empty. This week, the team had two focuses - we launched this shiny new website, and continued work on our next title, the Extinction Club.

To start off with, this is the new homepage for our studio - Separate to the Newfound Courage website, here you'll be able to see updates about our studio and all the games we're working on, including Newfound Courage. It also includes information about our studio and our history.

Now, the Extinction Generation. We're hard at work on a 'Proof of Concept' for this new game. This will essentially be a playable demo, where you'll be able to get a feel the art, story and gameplay. Right now, we've all but finished one out of the three different parts of the game we want to showcase. In this part, you'll be talking to a character named Cult, and the two of you will destroy a graveyard together. It's pretty cool!

The other two parts include, helping to restore a city with a character named East, and an additional scene with Cult, we're you take a particularly beautiful train ride together. It should be really great.

We're hoping to finish the next two parts this week, but that's a pretty lofty goal, so check in with us again next week, and I'll have a new update. Spoiler alert: There was not an update the next week.


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