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Prime Gaming, Live interview, Newfound Courage Enhanced, and other updates

It's been a while!

Sorry for the long gap in updates. Much has happened.

First of all, this month Newfound Courage is free on Prime Gaming! Along with Battlefield 4, Batman: The Telltale Series, Lost in Harmony: The Musical, Odyssey BFF or Die, Spitkiss and Mugsters. Prime Gaming has an awesome audience and we are so excited to bring Newfound Courage to them.This is a dream come true for us. Not only has Prime Gaming been great to work with, but their support will go a long way in building future games, and making updates to our existing lineup.

Live interview. Tomorrow, I (Curtis, hi) will be live on Prime Gaming Insider. This will be my first ever live interview, so if it blows up spectacularly, you're welcome. It should be a fun interview that's different to any press we've done before, so please check it out!

The Newfound Courage Enhanced Edition. Now I've probably buried the lead here, but a lot is happening with the original Newfound Courage game. I've not-so-subtly been teasing this on Twitter but the game is getting a total remake.This is going to happen in three parts. If things go well, we should be able to release each part as they are completed.

Part 1. Art.

We are going to be significantly updating the art, and have already made headway on this task. All the new character art is complete, about 40% of the environment art is complete, and we are 90% complete on some new art in the intro sequence. In addition, there will be dynamic lighting and a lot more scene movement, think trees blowing in the wind, characters breathing, that sort of stuff.

Part 2. Combat and story updates

In this part, we are essentially adding a new gameplay dimension to Newfound Courage, battle mage combat. In the original lore for Newfound Courage (the novel version!) this was a big part of the story. So, now that we have the technical know-how, we want to bring it to the game. It'll probably make up about 40-50% of the gameplay and there will be a talent system similar to Boons in Hades.

Now, this wouldn't make any sense with the existing lore of Newfound Courage, so it will be modified to include this dimension. I think it will only make the fantasy storyline richer and more detailed. It should also add a good new dimension to Jake and Alex's relationship. I don't think it will take anything away.

Part 3: Return to Otherwhere DLC

So as it happens, I've done things in reverse, this DLC is about 70% complete, and will be really long. I'm talking possibly as long as the original game. However, it relies on the new art and mechanics from Part 1 and Part 2, so it can't be released until that's done. So stay tuned!

My ultimate idea here, honestly, is I want to add 10+ DLC's to Newfound Courage. All for free. I want to make the world and story as enormous as it possibly can be. Think Wheel of Time, but gay. So, so gay.

Now for the other updates. To support us in making these changes to Newfound Courage, we've brought on two new team members. One is an artist, screen name Mafi, and another is a Unity Developer, who we will introduce in time. Mafi actually did all the new promo art for Newfound Courage. So, you can probably see her work speaks for itself.

Finally, to end things on a sad note, our next title after Newfound Courage, The Extinction Club, didn't get picked up. Might have been Covid-19, might have been a number of things. However, for now, I'll be putting the project on indefinite hiatus.

I still believe in the concept, and I still believe in the artistic direction. However, I don't think it's a game that the world needs at this exact moment. We're all depressed enough. I am to revisit this, sometime after the Enhanced Edition of Newfound Courage.



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