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New Rogue-lite - Silverpine Arena - now available free in Newfound Courage!

A brand new Infinite game mode has been added to Newfound Courage


  • A brand-new rogue-lite mode, Silverpine Arena, has been launched into Beta

  • Battle endless waves of Sendings and earn Mechamancer rank and title

  • Unlock power increases that can be used in later arena attempts

  • Get randomised talents and abilities

What was initially meant to be a simple arena battle mode has turned into a streamlined Rogue-lite in Newfound Courage. From now, there is a new game mode in Newfound Courage that enables Alex to endlessly battle waves of Sendings. Perform well, and you'll be able to earn unique Mechamancer ranks . The quantity and names of ranks will remain secret until they are known within the community through play. For now, there are no Steam achievements associated with the Arena, but that will likely change when the mode comes out of beta. I also would like to add a leaderboard. Depending on the appetite of you all, I will also add an Otherwhere Arena. Finally, it's primarily in Beta right now because I'm not sure the balancing is just right yet. So please, any feedback on this, let me know. I hope it's as fun to play as it was to make.


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